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School Emergency / Disaster Plan

We believe it is important that you and your child(ren) are aware of the major hazards our school might have to face and the procedures we will need to follow should one of them affect us. With the help of a member of the Oahu Civil Defense Agency we have developed emergency plans for our school.

Of major importance, when and if a disaster or emergency occurs, is your assistance in ensuring that our students understand the need for purposeful behavior and cooperation under such circumstances.

Emergency School Plans

1. Fire Drills: Will he held monthly. Children will leave their classroom in an orderly fashion, under the supervision of teachers, and rapidly (not running) walk single file to a safe area designated by the Fire Inspector.

2. Tsunami Warning: Our school is not in a tsunami evacuation zone, so we do not have to evacuate. The following procedures have been adopted in the event of a TSUNAMI WARNING:

a. If a WARNING is issued while school is in session, our teachers will remain with the children and take care of them until you can safely pick them up. You need not leave work or rush to school. If you are in or can get to a safe area close to where you work, it is recommended that you remain in the safe area until the “all clear” is announced and avoid contributing to unnecessary traffic on roads and streets.

b. If a WARNING is issued before school begins, classes will be canceled and the school will be closed.

3. Hurricane / Tropical Storm: Hurricane or Tropical Storm WATCHES are issued by the National Weather Service 36 hours prior to the arrival of storm effects. Hurricane or Tropical Storm WARNINGS are issued when one of these could affect Oahu in 24 hours of less. When a WATCH is issued, we will monitor the storm and make decision to close the school before the issuance of a WARNING. The timing of the closure will generally coincide with the end of a normal school day and should not inconvenience you if you are at work.

4. Earthquake:

a. Should an earthquake of significant magnitude occur on Oahu, we can anticipate considerable disruption to our road networks. If your children are at school, you may not be able to get to them even though you live close by. Please be assured that we will take care of the children until you can safely pick them up.

b. We will conduct earthquake drills periodically in conjunction with the sounding of the Civil Defense sirens. If indoors, we will stay indoors and take cover under tables, desks, supported doorways, etc. If outdoors, we will stay outdoors, we will stay outdoors and mover towards the playground area, away from electrical lines and tall trees.

In summary, please be assured that we will take good care of your child(ren) during an emergency or disaster. Several suggestions are appropriate:

a. A good rule of thumb for school closures: if it is announced over the radio, television, or social media that the public schools are closing – we will also be closing. Under no circumstances, however, will we close until all the children have been picked up by their parents or designee.

b. Do not call us during emergencies. Keep the telephone lines open and available for those who have urgent needs.

c. It is essential that you establish individual and family plans for tsunami, hurricane, earthquake, and flooding. These plans should identify what preparatory actions should be taken for each hazard. They should include where shelters are located and how you will travel to them if evacuation advisories are issued, what you plan to do if the family is separated, what type of survival supplies you will need, etc. Such information can be obtained by visiting the City & Council of Honolulu Department of Emergency Management website: www.OahuDEM.org.