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Our Programs

The mission of Montessori Center of Pearl Harbor is to provide the children of military and DoD families living in Hawaii a quality Montessori education in an inviting, fully equipped Montessori environment led by highly qualified and experienced teachers accredited by the American Montessori Society.

Since being selected by Admiral Boyle to occupy this historical site of the former Makalapa Chapel’s Sunday school and community center space in 1986, Montessori Center of Pearl Harbor has strived to instill a love of learning and eagerness to explore which will stay with our students throughout their years of education. Through our individualized approach of teaching children between the ages of three to five, the staff encourages independence while guiding the children to develop a sense of order, respect, and responsibility within their Montessori environment in addition to developing the skills they need to progress beyond their preschool years and become the leaders of tomorrow.

We feel a great sense of pride in being able to serve the military community, especially the residents of Makalapa housing, as this facility has done in its past history. We also appreciate the fact we can accommodate Montessori students who transfer with their military families from the mainland and foreign countries, giving a young child a feeling of comfort with a familiar learning environment while adjusting to his/her new home in Hawaii. Military parents who themselves attended Montessori schools when they were young are happy to find us and we are in turn pleased to be able to offer our programs to their children.


AM Preschool

The regular half day sessions in the morning consist of the same educational experience. Each preschool class has a distribution of children between the ages of 3 through 5, boys and girls. The preschool classes have a head teacher and one intern or aide. All head teachers are Montessori certified. The mixed age group in each class reduces competition while enhancing individual achievement and community cooperation. Older children have an opportunity to realize and reinforce their growing abilities by helping younger children. Young children enjoy exposure to more advanced concepts and all learn from one another. Social development is promoted through student participation in the establishment of classroom rules and in both group and individual problem solving.

All programs include mid-morning snacks.

Day Care Program

We have been working hard to provide a meaningful program for our children who remain at school for the three hours following their Montessori programs. Since many children attend our center almost year round as well as year after year, we are ever mindful of creating new and different experiences for them. We are fortunate to have separate areas for our day care activities. Different materials and activities are offered along with an understanding that these children are more tired later in the day and in need of more affection from those around them. They need time to relax and play with their friends.

Rest Time

Following lunch the younger children nap before the afternoon activities take place. All children are required to at least rest quietly for a short time. 

Tuition & Fees

Click here to download a PDF of the 2024-2025 Fee Schedule.